The Knowledge Of Different Frames Of Sunglasses For UK Women With Best Sales

Today I will introduce you the difference between several different frames of sunglasses for UK women.The first is called Pilot.The Pilot is typical brand,it is circle and the outer side of the two sides of a large downward.The Pilot is almost for all faces.

sunglasses for UK women1
The difference between Pilot and the second one is the shape of a circle for sunglasses with best sales.But the outer sides are not down into the shape of the teardrop.This one could be for oval face and also square face.

sunglasses for UK women2
The last two is Butterfly and Eye Cat.There is a butterfly upturned corners.The Eye Cat of cheap sunglasses notice the difference between it and Butterfly. Cat eye is more round, more narrow and it has two more alices. Both of them are suitable for oval face, heart shaped face and square face.

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